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Leonard S. Villafranco, Marco Rubio and Tonya Nilsen at the Annual Lincoln Day Dinner

On Wednesday May 1st, 2013, Port St. Lucie Attorney Leonard S. Villafranco and his fiance, Tonya Nilsen, joined local business owners, politicians and civic leaders in welcoming U.S. Senator Marco Rubio to the St. Lucie Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Polish American Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Mr. Rubio, a prominent and rising star in the Republican Party, spoke about what it means to be a conservative Republican in the 21st Century, telling us that as Republicans, we have to apply our principals in a way that speaks to the way real people live their lives.

He stated in his speech, that “we celebrate those who have succeeded and want them to continue to succeed.  We are the party of people who today are workers, but one day want to be owners.  We are the party of employees that one day aspire to be employers.”

When asked whether he aspired to run for president in 2016, he said that he has his plate full right now and doesn’t have time to think about the future quite like that.  He did have a lot to say about immigration reform, that most people are not concerned about addressing the needs of the people who are here now illegally. That most American realize that we can not round up and deport 11 million people.  We have deal with them in a way that is responsible and fair.  Marco Rubio says that the Immigration Bill will not pass as it is currently written, so he is working hard with other members of the U.S. Senate to amend it.  He says the current Bill does not go far enough to make sure the that the government does it’s job of securing the border.

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